The Comic Con Episode IV Book

About The Comic Con Episode IV Hardcover

A photographic look at the world’s most exciting pop-culture event.

One of the entertainment industry’s most exhilarating, eccentric, and influential events of the year, San Diego Comic-Con International celebrates the weird, wacky, and wonderful world of TV, movies, graphic novels, and…let’s not forget, comics.

Oscar-nominated director—and fanboy himself—Morgan Spurlock captures the magic and madness of Comic-Con in a new documentary. This companion book is a photographic celebration of the convention’s heart and soul: the fans who attend in costume, in droves, with their kids, with their parents…and with love, awe, and admiration in their hearts.

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The Book

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  • Kevin Smith
  • Seth Green
  • Todd McFarlane
  • Bill Plympton
  • Guillermo del Toro
  • Ellen Page
  • Bryan Singer
  • Eli Roth
  • Kenneth Branagh
  • Seth Rogen
  • Matt Groening
  • Ron Perlman
  • Nathan Fillion
  • Olivia Wilde
  • Gerard Way
  • Frank Miller
  • Tara McPherson
  • and many more!

Hundreds of stunning photos capture the whimsy and wonder, and are accompanied by interviews with the many celebrities who attend, as much to promote their projects as to be part of the fandom:

Comic-Con: An All-Access Look at the World’s Largest Pop-Culture Event brings the magic, the masquerade, and the mayhem to you—no ticket required.

Photography By Alba Tull

Alba Tull is an accomplished photographer who has worked with artists and musicians including The Edge (of U2), Jimmy Page, Guillermo del Toro, Bryan Singer, and others. Mrs. Tull’s work has been published and exhibited around the world. She served as the photographer and associate producer of Davis Guggenheim’s It Might Get Loud, and she is currently working on a special project for the American Film Institute (AFI).

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The Comic Con Episode IV Book Photo Gallery

Below is just a sample of the pictures and interviews published in the Comic Con Episode IV: A Fan’s Hope book. Photography by Alba Tull. Check it out!

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Celebrity Interviews in the book

Comic Con personalities such as Kevin Smith, Seth Green, Felicia Day, and Zachary Quinto are just a few of the stars celebrating their love for Comic Con!

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A Foreword by Thomas Tull

As founder of Legendary Records and executive producer of Comic Con Episode IV, Thomas Tull offer his unique insight about Comic Con and his geek passion.

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A Foreword by Mr. Stan Lee

The legendary Stan Lee, creator of many super heroes we’ve grown to love, writes about what made him excited about the Comic Con Episode IV book.

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Foreword by Joss Whedon

Joss Whedon, one of the executive producers of the Comic Con Episode IV documentary, writes a foreword for the Comic Con bool. Check it out!

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Book Introduction – Morgan Spurlock

Inside is an introduction for the Comic Con Episode IV: A Fan’s Hope book by director Morgan Spurlock. Read on and see why Morgan is so passionate about comics!

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