Meet the Subjects

These are the real people we documented throughout their 2010 Comic Con experience- Skip, Eric, James, Holly, and Chuck.

Holly Conrad - Comic Con Episode IV

Holly Conrad

Holly is an extremely talented and passionate costume and creature designer. Her hope this year is that she will win the big prize. Her talent definitely sets her above the rest and she’s not just another seamstress.

chuck-rozanski-site comic con episode iv


Chuck is a long-time comic book dealer and Comic-Con veteran. Owner of Mile High Comics, he comes to the floor with all of his products and is looking for that big sale that just might happen here.

James and Se Young - comic con episode iv


James, a young and exuberant fan comes to Comic-con in the hopes that his girlfriend Se Young will accept a dramatic proposal. Se Young is totally happy to be with James and has no idea what’s in store.

skip-harvey-site comic con episode iv


Skip, a longtime amateur illustrator yearns to be discovered at this year’s event. Born into a household filled with comic books and a comic-loving family, he has spent his life honing his craft so that he may one day live the dream of officially becoming a part of the group of exclusive illustrators in the highly coveted comic-book world.

Eric Henson - Comic Con Episode IV


Eric is an aspiring illustrator currently in the US Air Force. Serving his country and caring for his family, he has yet to have the opportunity to completely pursue his humble passion for drawing. Coming to Comic-Con, he is hopeful to impress publishers with his illustrations and create a career out of his heartfelt passion.

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