Foreword by Joss Whedon

Below is a foreword by Joss Whedon for the Comic Con Episode IV: A Fan’s Hope book, currently available through your favorite book store on via Amazon. You can learn more about the Comic Con book here.

The first comic convention I ever attended was in New York when I was ten years old. It was probably four rooms total, but it seemed like the most magnificent event ever held. My second Comic-Con was in San Diego as an adult. Buffy the Vampire Slayer had just come out, and I honestly came to find out if we had any fans. (We totally did.) I remember walking the halls and having that same sense of grandeur, of
goofy excitement. The energy and enthusiasm was overwhelming. I realized I had finally found my home.

“Enjoy this tour of my home”

Comic-Con has definitely gotten bigger and more mainstream. The industry has figured out where the true fans are. This has created a dichotomy between the comic fans and the movies—in some cases, a bitter rift. But I believe there could be harmony between the comic book folk and movie makers. Ultimately, they just need to sit down or possibly make out. This is the kind of place Comic-Con is: It’s a place where people with the same passion—whether their obsessions are similar or very, very different—come together. To make out.


Meeting the fans and being around the fans is what Comic-Con is all about. The fans here are responding to the work you do, and are sincerely trying to connect with you. This is the place where it all happens. Something as simple as an autograph is actually more significant; it’s a connection. And you only really connect with a fan, not just by being around them, but by being one yourself. I’ve never anything but. So enjoy this tour of my home.

Joss Whedon is a producer, director, creator, and screenwriter. His work includes Buffy the Vampire Slayer, Angel, Firefly, Dollhouse, and The Avengers.

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