A Foreword by Mr. Stan Lee

Below is a foreword written by Mr. Stan Lee himself for the Comic Con Episode IV: A Fan’s Hope book, currently available through your favorite book store on via Amazon. You can learn more about the Comic Con book here.

One of my first memories of comic book conventions was as a fan. When I first attended them, there were perhaps a few dozen people wandering around. And the image that sticks in my mind is—most of the convention-goers were young children. Occasionally there’d be an adult or two, holding a child’s hand because the kid was too young to come by himself.

“I love their enthusiasm, their loyalty, and—just between us—I admire their judgment.”

Now, everything’s reversed. The thousands of convention-goers are mostly grown-ups, adults who are interested in movies, television, DVDs, and, of course, comic books. Now and then you’ll see a few adults holding a child’s hand, usually because they couldn’t find a babysitter that day.

These fans are tremendously important to the comic book business, just as they are to any creative endeavor. Without fans, no comic book artist or writer can hope to achieve meaningful success. Indeed, while some foolish people mock or disregard them, those very fans can make you or break you.

On a personal level, it’s both gratifying and flattering to know that another human being is enthusiastic about something you’ve done. That’s why I’m grateful for any fans I might have. I love their enthusiasm, their loyalty, and—just between us—I admire their judgment.

Stan Lee is a comic book writer, editor, and publisher; former president and chairman, Marvel Comics; producer; actor; television personality

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